Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ashes to Ashes

Well one of my favourite shows, Ashes to Ashes, finished it's second series last night, but the story is not complete. This television drama starring Philip Glennister and Keeley hawes was a sequel to the equally brilliant Life on Mars which featured the character of Sam Tyler played by John Simm.

The first episode of the first series of Ashes to Ashes begins when DI Alex Drake is shot and finds herself in 1981. Here she comes face-to-face with DCI Gene Hunt, a relic of old-fashioned policing that she had read about in Sam Tyler's reports. Alex comes to believe she is in a coma and throughout the two series becomes confident she knows the rules of the game. Unfortunately for her the game seems to change with each twist and turn but she must find a way back. She must return to be with her daughter Molly.

What is DCI Gene Hunts' postion in all this? Alex suspects that he may know more than he ever lets on. Does he know the reason she is here? Does he know the truth about what happened to Sam Tyler?

The final episode ends on a cliffhanger with Alex being shot again and returning to the present day. We see her in a hospital bed as she awakes from the coma and is reunited with Molly. Just as we think that the nightmare is over for Alex and she can regain her life we are witness to another turn of events.

Molly leaves Alex to rest but as she lies in the hospital bed she begins to get flashbacks of Gene Hunt and the crew. Visions of her days in the past. Gene is calling her, begging her not to leave, he wants her back, he is calling her, calling Bolly, dragging her back again.

You will be glad to know - well I was anyway - that a third and final series of Ashes to Ashes has been commissioned for next year. Filming will begin in the autumn and Ashes to Ashes will return to BBC1 in 2010.

The next and final series promises to finally “reveal all” about who Gene Hunt really is and what his alternative world means.

So will we learn why Alex is living in this parrallel 1980's world, what actually happened to Sam Tyler and what will become of Gene Hunt? Executive producer Simon Crawford Collins is quoted as saying "Viewers will not be left disappointed because the series promises to finish with a bang!”

For me that is something to look forward to in 2010 - Ashes to Ashes - The end !!

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