Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday | Monday

Today had a rather unusual start in as much as I stayed in bed until 9.30. Not only stayed in bed but actually slept. I woke a few times in the night, but merely turned over and went back to sleep. Any normal day sees me getting up at 5.00 or 6.00am and most of the night I will have been waking constantly and rearranging myself in an attempt to find some kind of comfortable position. Maybe my body decided I needed the beauty sleep.

Staying in bed until this late hour put me all behind with my normal Monday routine and today daughter "B" was going to visit because she had not been able to get over yesterday. Yesterday being Fathers day of course. She would be bringing with her our 2 youngest granddaughters known affectionately as the twiddlers (I will tell you more about them another day).

My other half, Mrs Pecker, left as usual to spend Monday with her sister and I made a belated start on my normal Monday routine which involves checking the bank, updating spreadsheets, paperwork etc etc. Shortly after I had started these tasks, my daughter phoned to say she had broken down and was stuck on Morrisons car park. Another plan goes to pot. We will go to her later in the week now.

Another routine I have developed lately is to stop for lunch at 12.15 and watch Bargain Hunt. The latest episodes I think are an improvement and show more of the contestants actually deciding what to buy and what is likely to make a profit, helped of course by their expert. Today I was somewhat dismayed to find they were screening a repeat. I then surmised this would probably be due to today being the first day of Wimbledon Fortnight. I turned over the bread under the grill and turned over the TV to BBC2 and decided to watch the tennis instead.

I did love to watch tennis at one time, but have not done so for quite a few years. I decided to watch today and thoroughly enjoyed it. A British 15 year old Laura Robson was playing Daniele Hantuchova. Although Laura put up a very good fight, Daniele was the winner. What I did not watch good enough was the toast, cremated again !!

Although this blasted arthritis stops me from doing many things and greatly affects my mobility, it is important that I do keep mobile as much as I can. It is so easy to stagnate and find excuses not to do things and that is what I have become guilty of. I am determined to get back to my regime of daily exercise as prescribed by a specialist I saw a while ago. Also, starting today I aim to resume swimming on a regular basis, it is one of the best forms of exercise for anybody.

Swimming? yes I have been this evening, so at least one thing has gone to plan


  1. Just last night my man and I were talking about arthritis and exercise and whether an excercise routine can help delay it or not. We both think it must!?

    Swimming is a great form of exercise and I hope never to stop going

  2. Swimming also highly recommended for ashmatics too, great interesting blog read thanks.

  3. Many thanks for the comments. I have a degenerative arthritis of the spine with osteophyte formations. In addition to the pain this causes directly in the affected area, it also affects the nerves going to the lower limbs. The result of this is that although my hips,knees etc are physically OK I get pain, swelling and loss of mobility in those areas.

    The medics have told me that there is of course no cure and no procedure that can help in any way. The only relief of the symptoms is a lifetime of pain-killers. However regular gentle exercise can help enormously and swimming is the best and most effective.

    Swimming allows one to move every joint and muscle in the body without strain or impact stress. Your body is supported by the water and I would recommend it to anyone.

    Also you do not have to be a great swimmer, I certainly am not. Breast stroke is all I can do anyway, but moving around in the water within the limits of your own capabilities can only do you good.

  4. Keep up with the swimming. love the blog.