Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sues Cabin: Knowsley Safari Park

Sues Cabin: Knowsley Safari Park
Knowsley sounds fantastic, I have heard only good reviews about it. Why I have never been there I don't know because it is relatively close and easy to get there from the motorway. straight up the M6 then across to the west on the M62.

I do remember going to West Midlands Safari park many moons ago and driving through the monkey enclosure. I am not sure what species they actually were, but not baboons. I think Knowsley is the only park to have Baboons running free.

As I said my visit to WMSP was quite a few years back and I had at the time a Hillman Avenger that was a few years old, anyone remember them. It had a very trendy radio aerial on the rear wing of the car, or at least it did when I went in. I drove out of the enclosure dragging the aerial behind me on the wire.

When we were clear of the enclosure and I was able to get out of the car, I just snapped off the wire, threw the crumpled aerial into the boot and forgot about it. From then on I did not use the radio (No cd players in those days, it may have had a tape player but I cannot remember).

Some time after this incident someone drove into my car while it was parked up at work causing considerable damage along the full length of the offside. The culprit owned up and the car was able to be repaired on the other drivers insurance. If you have one half of a car resprayed it will not match the weathered paint work of the other side and so I paid some extra to have a full respray.

When I got the car back it looked great, it sparkled, shone like a new car again. I decide that what would make it complete would be a nice new shiny aerial. This I duly bought from the local accessory shop and decided to fit it without delay. I opened up the boot found the cable and connected it to the new aerial I then went to thread the aerial through the hole in the body work.

Where was the hole? Who had pinched the hole when my back was turned?

Apparently they made such a thorough job when they repaired the bodywork that they filled up the hole.

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