Monday, August 31, 2009

Bank Holiday Monday

Well there we have another Bank Holiday Monday nearly over, almost done and dusted, another one come and gone.

If I was still one of the many who have to turn out to work everyday and to whom the bank holidays are one of the few days off to which I would be entitled, then I would to say the least, be slightly miffed.

As seems to be the norm, the weather has been far from good, not exactly rained all day but there was a definate chill to be detected in the air. It is of course raining now and the forecast for the next couple of days is for more precipitation spreading across the country from the west.

Another regular feature of the Bank Holiday Weekend is of course the traffic jams. The M5 and M6, at least around Birmingham and Bristol, will have been for a great part of the weekend at a standstill. A last minute rush to get abroad by plane will see crowds of frustrated travellers heading for the airports, while British Rail (or whatever it's modern day equivalent is called) will have decided to frustrate it's much needed rail travel supporters by scheduling essential maintenance work during this busy holiday period.

So What did you do on this Bank Holiday Monday?

Go to a garden centre or the DIY store?
Go to the beach? Sleep? Eat? Drink? Go for a walk? Go for a jog? Go to the pub? Blog?

If you happened across the "Jack Russell" forum then you may have attended "The 4th Annual Twilly Memorial Companion Dog Show with Obedience" held at Shareshill Village Hall, or of course headed of to Beacon Hill Country Park, for a wood cutting demonstration.

No? then answers on a postcard please to: or better still just tell us by leaving a comment below.

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