Friday, August 21, 2009

Bloggers Block

When J. K. Rowling was writing "Harry Potter" did she have days when the words would not line up in the correct order? Did she have thoughts inside her head that no matter how hard she tried, could not be transferred into language that made any sense?

Whether she did or not, I have of course no idea, but what I do know, is that this has been happening to me rather a lot lately. Is it what is termed writers block, or in my case - Bloggers Block? Actually I am not sure if writers block refers to a condition whereby an author experiences difficulty in expressing thoughts into words or whether it is in fact a lack of ideas.

My problem, if I can just take a minute of your time to explain, is that I have a wealth of ideas, tales, stories, and humorous episodes from my past that I want to tell you about, in addition to my present day comings and goings. Unfortunately I seem unable to reach the point of actually transferring these thoughts onto paper - or indeed this digital media of the blog.

I could I suppose write down one of my old poems:
A young man jogging through the park
Had buttocks like a Peach,
Two old ladies had a stroke
The third one couldn't reach.
But I do not want to do that.

I wanted to tell you about our two trips to Dovedale last week, a place known to many, but one of new discovery to us. I wanted to describe the beauty of the countryside, the majesty of Thorpe Cloud (a high peak) the wonderful sight and sound of the river rushing and tumbling over swift rapids, squeezing noisily between boulders, or gliding deep and serene beneath a canopy of overhanging trees. Instead all I could think of was the woman whose feet slipped suddenly on a steep shale embankment causing her to slide on her bottom, feet first into the water. That of course would be cruel and insensitive of me to mention.

As indeed would be the mention of the woman on our second visit who suffered a similar fate at almost the exact same place, falling very unladylike and landing heavily and I am sure painfully on her backside. I would not want you to think ill of me by mentioning that I along with other members of my family (plus many other passers by) resorted to turning away our heads in order to hide the uncontrollable laughter that resulted from witnessing such examples of other peoples misfortunes.

So you see my problem, I do not seem able to focus on what I set out to do. I simply find it impossible to write at the moment, but hopefully this Bloggers block will soon leave me and I will be back to normal, writing posts that you will find of interest and I hope will be entertaining.

Will write soon - keep a lookout for my next post !!

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