Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Sporty Afternoon

Although the weather was lousy yet again - true of much of this so called summer - the rain would not be interfering with my Sporty Afternoon.

I started with a game of tennis, well actually 3 games, only one of which I managed to win, but the other two were close fought battles.

After the tennis it was time for a round of golf. Just a nine hole course but the level of difficulty increases as one progresses through the course. I managed to birdie the first and second, par the third but then it was down hill all the way. Down hill as regards my performance that is, I will not say how many over par my final score was.

I then had a bit of a training session with some target golf and putting practice and I must admit my putting is improving.

Following the golf I decided to indulge in a couple of games of ten-pin bowling. Not in competition with any one, just playing by myself for the enjoyment and a bit of practice. After a reasonably good start I soon went off the boil and my scores over two games were not impressive, I guess I need some more practice.

It rained for most of the afternoon but I did not really care, I enjoyed my Sporty Afternoon despite the weather.

I must admit this Nintendo Wii is brilliant and I just love the Wii sports game that came with it.


  1. We have loads of fun on wii, great invention.

  2. Hi - loved your blog post, made me smile. I was about half way through before I suspected there may be a Wii involved!

    I love mine too. I am surprisingly good at boxing!