Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bees and Wasps

The Bumble Bee:
A Bumble bee is taking advantage of the sunshine to collect pollen from the Buddlea which still bears some flowers though most of them have now died away.

The Wasp:
Look carefully at the background and you may be able to make out that the Wasp is dissecting the remains of a butterfly. I do not know if the wasp actually killed this butterfly or simply took advantage of finding one that had already perished.

When I first discovered it (top picture) it was removing the head. Once the head was free of the body the wasp carried it away, though I do not know where. It did not travel very far because it soon returned to continue taking apart, with razor sharp pincers, the body until just the wings were left discarded on the ground.

I feel these pictures reflect the beauty and the reality of nature where nothing is wasted.


  1. Great photos, love how nature recycles

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    Hope you enjoy!

  3. There are things in nature that are perceived as good or bad, but they are all part of nature. Great pictures and observation.