Monday, September 21, 2009

Courtesy isn't Automatic

I realised just in time that the service was due on the car whilst we are away in Australia. Going beyond the due date could cause problems with the warranty so I managed to squeeze it in before we go. With having to be squeezed in at short notice I could not be very selective as regards dates and times and also the service customer options.

My local dealer offers either service while you wait, a half day at a local Leisure centre or a courtesy car. Well with my arthritis and lack of mobility the leisure centre option is about as much use to me as a tissue umbrella in a thunderstorm, not that I don't think it is a good idea. On the contrary, it is an excellent offer for someone who can make good use of it.

Service while you wait was (surprisingly I thought) almost fully booked with the only slots available being at times when I just could not be sat there sitting in the waiting room, drinking coffee and watching the world go by.

I opted instead for the courtesy car, automatic if possible I stated, because I only drive automatics now and have done so for quite a number of years. Having to use both legs when driving proves to be particularly uncomfortable for me and strains the area of my back where the arthritis is present. I know to you who are drivers, it may seem the easiest thing in the world to operate three pedals but please believe me it is difficult for me.

At 9.00 am on the dot I arrived at the dealership, hand over my car, signed the necessary paperwork and took the keys of my car for the day, the courtesy isn't automatic.

They have given me a tin box with a wheel at each corner, I thought as I drove away, indicating to turn right then seeing the windscreen wipers sweep across the front window. Why after all these years have Kia decided to move the controls onto the other side of the steering column. I nodded and made a face that I thought would look as if I wanted to clean my windscreen. There that is much better, cleaner now, wave to passing car, cause I usually Bloody indicate.

I now start to wonder why anyone buys a car with manual gears. This is becoming a right pain in the backside, literally, all this clutch moving, gear knob shifting, it seems so unnecessary when you are not used to doing it.

Coming up to the traffic calming bollards in the road I signal to the oncoming driver that I am letting him through by spraying 4 jets of water onto the windscreen. I can't wait to get my own car back.

They are calling me when the service is complete and I can collect my dear beloved car again. after lunch I decide to call into Hanley, there are still some things I need to get for our trip, I will tell you all about going to Australia later. Is it not exasperating when they have the style you want in the wrong colour and the colour you want in the wrong style, shoes that is. There was also the brown shoes, very trendy I thought when I first saw them last time I was here. Maybe a little too trendy for an oldie like me and a bit pricey too, but in my mind I had decided to throw caution to the wind and buy them. If only I could find them now!

I was thankful when the dealers rang to say my car was ready to be collected, I had had my fill of fruitless shopping. I returned to the car park realising as I got there that I had not a clue as to what the courtesy car actually was, but as I approached it soon came to mind, the little blue tin box with a wheel at each corner.

I pressed the key fob to unlock this little noddy car and nothing happened. I pressed again a little harder this time, with the same result. I now poked the key forward as I pressed, we all do that don't we with the telly remote when the channel wont change, thrust it towards the TV harder and harder, quicker and quicker as though it will really make a difference. So yes, back to the car, I was stabbing again with the key fob when this smarmy, clever clogs sort of bloke ambled towards me and said,
"Why is it that when you press that key fob, the car in the next row locks and unlocks itself?"

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  1. Ha - this made me laugh. I have done a very similar thing in the past, but actually tried unlocking the car manually and got really cross with it before I realised mine was in the next rank along!