Thursday, September 24, 2009

Oh what a lovely Pair | Pear

I thought that might grab your attention - Oh what a lovely Pair, I think I may have misspelled the title though, A Lovely Pear would have been correct, but possibly not so attention grabbing.

The summer in our part of the world was rather lousy again this year and for this and other personal reasons, I abandoned my planned gardening projects. Mrs Pecker persevered with the Runner Beans and although they were very late to get going, eventually proceeded to crop very well.

We do have in the garden two small Apple trees and one Conference Pear, all totally neglected, never pruned, fed or cared for in any way. The amount of fruit they have produced this year has been phenomenal. The branches of the pear tree have been bent down to the ground in spite of many of the fruits having fallen when at an early stage of development. Likewise the apples, enormous quantities from such small trees, the fruit of these however have been plundered by wasps.

This Autumn I must be sure to get these trees pruned as they should be, then give them some proper care and attention next year. That little bit of effort will surely then bear fruit.


  1. Can you post a photo of the fruit bear.
    more english misshaps,

    Go to English is easy on My August blog.

  2. on posting the last comment,

    the password was stsilly. hmm!!

  3. Yum!! You are so lucky. I would love to be able to go into my backyard and pluck off an apple or juicy pear! The pears look lovely....and so do the beans!