Thursday, October 15, 2009

Western Australia Weather

Although the small travel clock informed me that it was only 06:00 int the morning, the sunlight that filled our bedroom gave the impression of a much later time to someone who resides permanently in the UK. Rays of bright, warm, Australian Spring sunshine flowed through every conceivable space between the narrow angled slats of the window blinds. The forecast for today predicts bright clear skies and temperatures upto 24 degrees in this area of Western Australia.

When we had first arrived for this month long holiday to visit friends, relatives and to celebrate the 60th birthday of Mrs Peckers' brother, the weather was very different. Stepping outside at Perth International Airport we were greeted by the rain and cold windy conditions we presumed were being left far behind in Manchester. Western Australia has this year seen one of the longest and wettest winters that the local residents can recall.

Within two days of our arrival. the weather had started to improve, the rain was gone and the sun appeared in the sky. With the exception of a few cloudy and cooler days, the weather for us has been good and very pleasant, in fact it is now getting too hot for us to sit in. Sun screen is essential and we tend to sit in the shade apart from early in the day. When we are out and about we keep ourselves covered and of course apply the sun bloc.

The forecast is continuing bright skies and increasing temperatures for the remainder of our stay. Having heard that back in the UK the weather is very different, being cold, wet and misserable, I guess we will have to make the most of our remaining time here in Perth, Western Australia.


  1.'re entering into spring, and we're all about to be engulfed by the cold of winter! :-)

  2. Sounds like you are having a ball.