Monday, October 5, 2009

The Woodpeckers are in Australia

Some of my friends in the Blogosphere and in Twitterville may be wondering what has happened to me and why have I been absent for the last week or more (No?) well as many of you do know, Mrs Pecker and I are in Australia.

Yes that is correct, we have jetted half way around the world to stay in Perth, Western Australia for a month. We are staying in Mindarie Keys with Mrs Peckers' brother and family and timed our visit to coincide with Bill's 60th birthday.

The weather when we arrived was rather unexpected (at least by us) because it was raining, very windy and rather cold. I can report now that it has improved dramaticaly since then and is bright and sunny. At this time of year it does not reach the extrememly high temperatures that are experienced during the height of summer.

During my time here I will only have limited access to the internet so my updates may be somewhat infrequent and short both on here and on Twitter. I will try to upload some pictures and details of what we have been doing shortly.

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  1. Have fun, nice to know you are still thinking of us all though!