Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy new Year | 2010

Another year is almost over, it's almost time to welcome in another New Year. Happy 2010, well at least let's hope so.

For me this new year's eve will be a quiet affair. Mrs Pecker came down with a cold earlier in the week and now I have succumbed as well. This of course aggravates the arthritis and so the good spell that I have been enjoying lately feels to be at an end. Also my son-in-law has been hit by a tummy bug and that is where we had planned to be tonight, so New Year has been cancelled.

On the bright side I suppose I can look forward to waking up tomorrow without a hangover, and I have certainly had a few of those in the past. There have been the years that saw myself and Mrs Pecker staggering back from the Malt and Hops at 3 o'clock in the morning after a lock-in. The New Year street parties we used to have that went on until no one was left standing.

Then of course there was the year (many moons ago now) when Kevin Walker and I ran around the block in just our under-pants, boy it was cold. And then the year that I let him pierce my ear with a darning needle and a piece of soap.

Yes those were the days.


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