Saturday, January 30, 2010


Dear friends, followers, bloggers, Twitters and Twits, please forgive me, for I have sinned. It has been 17 days since my last blogpost and that was to be honest a rather insignificant effort and the only one since I wished you all a Happy New Year. Tomorrow we see the end of January, one month already gone.

Blogging experts would no doubt give me very low marks for not posting regular updates, for not keeping my readers informed and for a general lack of content. I would be voted off "Celebrity come Blogging."

In my defence I would maintain there is little point in publishing posts when words of any significance elude me and meaningful discourse fails to form in the inner depths of my mind. I have in fact made many attempts and laboured in vain for hours in a fruitless endeavour to produce a string of words that could be in some small degree entertaining or at the very least be of some interest to my readers. Alas the more I tried, the less productive were my efforts. Page after page of scribble rewritten over and over again were consigned to the re-cycle bin.

This condition I am certain is very much to do with a state of mind, and the state of my mind recently has been in a very poor state indeed. That I am also certain is linked to ones physical state, the physical well being of a person being a factor where this temporary mental impairment exists.

This state of mind goes back I believe to the first day of January, to the very start of the New Year. Big Ben signalled the beginning of 2010, fireworks exploded in the sky, people kissed and Auld Lang Syne was sung throughout the land. I turned to Mrs Pecker saying "Happy New Year,"  she echoed the greeting then we both settled back in bed to go to sleep. We had been struck down with the Winter colds so many have suffered from recently. Not like normal colds, they have differing symptoms and seem to keep coming back.

Then of course there was the snow, great to look at initially with magical landscapes, but bringing chaos throughout the land. With my unfortunate disabilities that make walking difficult at the best of times, I became a prisoner in my own home. Knowing that I could not venture outside onto the treacherous footpaths made me want to go out all the more, that of course is human nature. The television people became totally obsessed with showing us repeatedly over and over again scenes of the snow until we were sick of seeing it. It also highlighted more than ever this new phenomenon of the outside news correspondents who are sent all over the country to report on every single news event. Why do they have to be there? How much does it cost to have so many people reporting live on camera from so many places?

"Look over there Mummy, look at that enormous snowman."

"That's not a snowman dear, that is a TV reporter with a large red nose."

We have also endured an unusually prolonged and severe spell of cold weather from December 2009 into January in addition to the recent widespread snow. Road gritting salt stocks had run so low that government ministers despite telling us that there were no shortages of stocks, asked highways authorities to review again their salt spreading strategy and prioritise local networks as necessary. The typical winter we have tended to have over recent years has always been mainly mild and wet with a few cold spells chucked in between. This winter seems to have been the complete opposite of this. More like winters I remember as having as a child back in the 50's and 60's. the latest news is that there is more cold weather to come. Sorry, I thought I would just throw that one in for good measure.

 I suppose I can say that I have now made some progress as the end of January looms ever nearer with every keystroke I make. This is evident by the very fact that I am making those key strokes at all. I am actually writing again, whether you think it was worth the effort is I suppose another matter, but at least it is a start.

See you again in February.

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