Sunday, February 21, 2010

Snow Again

I could hardly believe my eyes this morning as I peered through the curtains - Snow Again.

Most years a fall of snow would be a once-a-year event, this year it's becoming normal. Is this what we will come to expect in our winters. Are the changes to our weather pattern all a result of global warming, or is it simply a natural cycle of change.

I look out the window and I see very little activity, throughout the day very few people seem to walk up or down the street. The snow fails now to bring the children out of doors, at least around here. I cannot see anyone enjoying snowball fights or building snowmen, I am sure if I was young and fit I would have been out there today. As it is the day has been spent inside the house again, passing away the time wishing that the wintry weather would come to an end.


  1. We made a dash to the beach yesterday because the sun came out!! Here by the South West seaside, the biggest snowflakes I have ever witnessed (a couple of days back)did not settle. Thank Goodness! I feel like a party pooper, not wishing to take my 3 year old out to play in more snow. Imagine my relief when she said that she doesn't like the snow, too cold :-\

  2. My goodness..Havent you had enough of that white stuff?
    it sure is beautiful...