Friday, February 19, 2010

Snow for a Change | Weather Forecast | Staffordshire England

We have not had any snow for a few days, apart from odd little flurries that failed to stick, until last night that is. Tucked away from the world inside our house cosy and warm, I was quite surprised to look through the window before going to bed to discover that it had been snowing. It was in fact still snowing, quite big fluffy flakes of snow and already it had laid a blanket on the ground. I quickly closed the curtains and shut it out, enjoying instead the feeling of warmth and comfort from being inside our snug little house.

The snow continued through the night. I am often awake throughout the night and sometimes unable to lie in bed, last night was one such night, so I did continue to sneak a peak through the window. Luckily we did not suffer a plummeting thermometer and so the snow failed to build up to any significant depth. As the morning progressed towards dawn, a very fine rain took over and the snow in places began to melt away.

As the daylight established the true start of morning, I could see the blackbirds waiting on the fence and in the Pear tree. Snow covered the back garden completely save for odd looking rings of bare earth around some of the plant pots and the birds maybe felt they would sink into the snow if they landed onto the herb garden where the mealworms are put out for them.

After feeding the birds and adding some warm water to the bird bath, for I had noticed that although not frozen solid the contents resembled a huge slush puppy, I decided to switch on my connection to the internet and see what weather was in store for us.

I think I'll just keep the curtains drawn !!


  1. We had some snow yesterday morning, but it was all gone by the afternoon. But our friends in Stroud have some still this morning. Amazing how the weather can change with in a few miles!

  2. It is true how quickly the weather keeps changing and I certainly can't remember snow keep appearing like it has this winter. I guess ther is more to come yet.