Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother in Law continued or One in the eye for MIL

Well things did not go as expected regarding Mil's visit to the Manchester Eye Hospital that I was telling you about in this mornings post Five hours in total she was there with Su and Si and came away without having it done. So far I have only heard a brief version of what happened.

Apparently the visit got off to a bad start when they said they had no record of an appointment and so were not even expecting her. She was however seen by the surgeon at some point and underwent a procedure whereby they inject the eye in order to examine the retina. The news was not good, she has two places where the retina has become detached which will need surgery to effect a repair with no guarantee that it will be successful.

She is now on the list but they could not give any indication as to when she will be recalled, tomorrow, next week, next month they could not say. Just go home and wait.

Surgeons, doctors, hospitals, medical staff may all do an excellent job technically, they can save lives, sew back severed limbs, perform all sorts of miracles but often they or the system is so removed from the emotional side of humanity.

Mil is a woman of 84 years of age. She was sick with worry this morning, anxious about the 90 minute journey to a strange hospital away from her home, away from her comfort zone. She was upset to think she was having to rely on others, her son and his wife to drive her to Manchester, myself and Mrs P to take their children to school (no I could not make that journey at that time of a morning because of my own problems) then friends to look after them after school if they are not back.

Now she has to do it all again, at a time and date as yet unknown.

Mrs P spoke to her just a short while ago, she says she is not going to have it done, she cannot face that ordeal again.

Mil is 84 years of age, is British has lived and worked in this country all of her life.

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