Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The School Run | The Mother in Law | Manchester Eye Hospital

This is unusual, 9.30 and only on my second cuppa, no breakfast yet either. The reason - we've just done the school run, not a normal activity for myself and Mrs P these days. We had set out allowing plenty of time, with two schools to go to, on routes we had not travelled before at this time in the morning.

Everything went without a hitch though, no great hold ups and we even had to sit outside the second school for 25 minutes before the youngest nephew could go in to join his mates who had by then started to trickle into the school yard. All schools around here seem to have different start times.

So, why were we doing the school run? Well the answer lies with the dearest Mother-in-law ( Mil ). She has to be at the Manchester eye hospital at 9.00 this morning. Hopefully the magical genius of the eye surgeon will restore the lost vision in her eye, caused they are 99% certain, by a dislodged retina.

Poor Mil started to have loss of peripheral vision and floating black spots appearing before her eyes a few weeks back. She was quickly referred to a neurology specialist at our local hospital who then referred her to a specialist optician. Unfortunately (or fortunately perhaps) before she had received an appointment, her vision in that one eye went completely, that was at the end of last week.

 I must say that once this happened they didn't hang about, she was seen the very next day by a doctor at the hospital and arrangements confirmed for the procedure to hopefully correct this detached retina be done today.

Of course as good as this response to the problem was you are then left with the task getting into Manchester at 9.00am prompt.

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