Thursday, May 13, 2010

Short Term Car Insurance.

Short Term Car Insurance. Insure your car for up to 28 days with Aviva UK it said. Great way to add a temporary driver to your vehicle. There were also plenty of other companies offering the same product - it seems to be getting rather popular.

Search for short term car insurance on Google and it returns About 3,500,000 results.

Some examples of the descriptions on Googles results page:
 "At Day Insure, we provide a range of temporary insurance policies; whether you need to cover a car for a day, or need a van for short term use."
"A short term car insurance policy is extremely useful for you and your loved ones' protection in these temporary situations."
"However, this short term insurance style has come back with some force and it has saved many people substantial amounts of money."
Here is some of the blurb I found on one site;

How does short term car insurance work?
Adding someone to your existing car insurance policy, such as a visiting friend or relative, can be risky because they could wipe out your no-claims bonus. However, by setting up a short term policy, whether it is monthly car insurance or daily car insurance, they can legally drive your vehicle without putting your discount at risk.

Why would you need short term car insurance?
Short term car insurance is ideal for a number of people including:
  • Those hiring a car or borrowing a friend's vehicle.
  • Temporary additional drivers, which could include overseas visitors.
  • Those lending a car to a friend or relative.
  • Drivers who have just bought a new car and need cover as soon as they drive away from the dealership, but who haven't yet had chance to sort out an annual policy.
So why would this be of interest to me, I hear you ask. Well my brother-in-law and his wife are coming over from Australia shortly and I thought it would be a good idea to let them have the use of our car during their stay of 3 weeks. We do at the moment have a second car so the one we would be lending them is a 1998 Ford Estate worth less than £2000.
    Now keep in mind the snippets of the text that I have quoted above.

    The quote for 3 weeks cover was

    £467.10 with an excess of £500

    Looks like they'll be using the bike.

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