Sunday, November 14, 2010

Black Swans breed in England

Although a native species of Australia and not listed as a British wild bird, I can report that Black Swans now breed in England.

A pair of these Black swans have been resident on the JCB lakes in Rocester, but not having been down there for a while I had something of a surprise to see them yesterday with three cygnets. These cute balls of fluff are not very old and I am worried that they may not survive the cold weather that is upon us. It is much too late for birds to be breeding in this country.

 The Black Swan is the State bird of Western Australia and we have seen them in the parks out there during our 2 visits to Perth. In Australia they were breeding while we were there during the month of October, but of course in the southern hemisphere that is spring time and much more conducive to raising a family.


  1. Beautiful swans, and I'd say a welcome addition to the British List. Hope those little cygnets manage to survive.

  2. I am keeping my fingers crossed for them, I will hopefully be able to get across to see them each week and update their progress on here.

  3. Fantastic pictures of these Black Swans. I hope that those cute little cygnets can survive this cold weather.