Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Life With Woodpecker

Mrs W and I visited Longton Park today to try out my new mobility scooter. Yes, I have taken the plunge and dug deep into my pockets in an effort to become more mobile and get myself out of the house. Walking has become increasingly more difficult and painful for me.

The afternoon was bright and sunny once more and the wind that has been quite strong during the last few days has abated somewhat. I must admit, it was good to be out and about again enjoying the air, the sunshine and the wildlife.

As we entered the park we saw Blackbirds and a number of Song and Mistle Thrushes hopping about on the grass, while Dunnocks and a lone Robin were busy scratching around beneath the shrubs. A Great Spotted Woodpecker flew over us and landed on the trunk of a tree immediately disappearing from view.

We approached the top lake and saw a Grey Heron standing motionless in the margins of the water then as if on cue it stabbed that lethal beak into the water and brought out a fish. A few shakes of the head re-positioned the poor wriggling fish then it was swallowed whole. The Heron dipped once more into the water, this time to give its beak and face a quick wash then with a couple of wing beats flew to the shore to rest in the sunshine.

A pair of Mallard had a family of ducklings on the top lake while on the bottom lake amongst the many coloured variations of ducks and geese, a lone Coot tended a group of tiny youngsters.

What else did we see? Crows, Wood Pigeons, a single Magpie, Chaffinch and plenty of Grey Squirrels.

The scooter? it was fine. It's just the mental thing about having to depend on a battery driven truck to get me around, but at least it will get me out and about again. So hopefully, there will be more of Life With Woodpecker.