Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Technology - Fantastic until it goes wrong.

I have grandchildren who have been born into a world where computers and mobile phones are a way of life. I embrace this world of technology, enjoy the fruits of the science without taking for granted the Technology which is quite simply Fantastic, until it goes wrong.

Although brought up in an age where the closest we came to a mobile communication device was two tin cans connected together with a length of string and TV was a massive wooden box with a 10 inch black and white screen showing a single channel, I am now distraught if anything goes wrong with one of my many devices.

Recently I have experienced problems of major proportions (or so it seemed at the time) with my Acer Aspire Netbook and my competition prize the Archos 80G9 Tablet, this at a time when I had pulled apart my desktop pc.

Most of the problem I must admit was self inflicted. Without going too deeply into the details, I had researched how to make Windows XP as secure as possible and safe from attacks, viruses, spyware and malware, without the need to purchase expensive software. The features I implemented really worked, to such an extent in fact that I locked myself out of my existing documents and files and could not make any changes to the operating system.

Basically, I made one simple mistake at the final stage of the modifications, a mistake that I could not undo. I then tried every possible way I could think of to bypass the administrator password which is what I needed to do, without success. I found many programmes on the Internet that were guaranteed to work, each of which failed. This at least proved that the changes I had made did actually work to stop any invasive attack to my netbook.

The only option was to reinstall the operating system, a drastic step but all I could do to gain control of the device once more. I am in the fortunate position of being able to carry out these tasks myself without the need to pay someone to do it. What it does take however, is time. Working on computers always eats away at your time.

As I was pulling my hair out trying to get my netbook up and running again, my Archos tablet went haywire. Not my fault this time. The tablet runs on the Android system and software updates are regularly available to address safety or performance issues. I responded to a message that an update was available by promptly downloading and installing it.

Following this update, many of my apps would no longer work. Two weeks of more hair pulling and time wasting went by before another update put things right.

So Technology is great, it enhances our lives, provides instant communication around the globe, is a source of entertainment and education.

Fantastic - until it goes wrong!