Monday, March 25, 2013

Snow Pictures

Here are some Snow Pictures that I did not have time to upload yesterday.

Snow was up the back door

Snow on the drive

Snow had buried the garden

And a Penguin appeared from somewhere

Sunday, March 24, 2013


It was 7.00am on Friday morning when I put on the kettle to make my cup of tea. I must say it then came as a complete surprise as I angled the window blinds and discovered that the world outside was buried under 3 inches of snow or much more than three inches where it had drifted. Three inches I must add is about 7cm to you younger people or those of you that are fully converted.

As I shivered and put the kettle on I realised that the central heating had not kicked in. "Oh dear" I said to myself, or words to that effect, "Why do these things always go wrong at the worst possible times."

I listened to the howling wind and watched the snow blowing past the window almost horizontal like an Arctic blizzard and blowing from the east. What was I going to do, I had a vision of a large bill and a stack of twenty pound notes waving goodbye to me as they escaped from my grasp.

In response to the horror of this thought, the little cogs started to turn in my head and steam began to blow from my ears, then I realised the steam was due to the kettle boiling. But the little grey cells had come up with an idea. The wind or indeed the snow laden blizzard was blowing from the east, could that in some way be responsible for the boiler refusing to light.

As it happened this was indeed the case, for the stainless steel basket that covers the flue on the wall was blocked with frozen snow. Hurray! That was a packet of money saved, with the obstruction removed air could be drawn into the burner and the boiler was once more fully operational.

Children in the street were happy on Friday too, because 80 schools in Staffordshire were closed due to the bad weather and they were having fun playing in the snow. They were relatively safe in the road because any cars that tried to drive up it were few and far between. We had been to Tesco on Thursday and so we did not have to venture out, we had everything we needed.

Saturday morning we got up to find yet more snow had fallen overnight and we had some really deep drifts around the house and garden.

Over the weekend, the snow and the wind has caused havoc throughout the country with roads blocked and cars abandoned, power lines down and areas of Scotland, Ireland and Wales left without power. Trees have been blown down and trains disrupted.

I think that the weather is now supposed to improve, so people can hopefully try to get their lives back to normal. The bad news though is that next weekend we are likely to see the same conditions return and we can go through it all over again.