Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Heatwave Continues

We Brits are not used to this wall to wall sunshine, temperatures in the high 20's (don't laugh you foreigners) and the heatwave continues!

Today I actually broke into a sweat without even trying. Well in my condition I can't do anything that would normally bring me anywhere near perspiring. 

On that note I should quickly mention that I saw the surgeon last week and he put me on the urgent list for an operation on my back. I have since had a letter confirming a date on the second of September.

With my typical kind of luck, I suppose the weather will remain nice and sunny during these school holidays while I am more or less a prisoner in my own home, surrounded by an ever increasing number of shouting screaming kids. By the time I have recovered from my op it will be autumn or winter and the summer will have passed me by.

I guess though - fingers crossed that I make a good recovery - we could get on a plane and seek out the sun and for ourselves, then in that way the heatwave for us at least, will continue.

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