Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Toad Hides From The Sun

Today we have had rain and as a consequence the temperatures have dropped, but it has still been pleasantly warm. This summer has already outshone the last few years in terms of the temperatures and hours of sunshine we have enjoyed. Indeed at times even here in middle England where it is usually degrees lower than "Down South," we have been baking. But where do Toads hide from the sun?

Here is a ceramic pot containing delightful Margarita flowers. Located at the rear of our house just beyond the decking, it is in full early morning sunlight until around 10.00am at which time it gradually falls into shade.

Margarita Flowers

Hidden away beneath the foliage of the plants and taking refuge from the heat of the sun during the daytime can be found one of our regular garden Toads.
Common Toad

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